Funny thoughts

on 28 noiembrie 2011

Lauren Mitchell's hair is still in the 90's

"Yes I know..this is the most ugly leotard you've ever seen"

Watch out Komova, they also have guns!

Bad hairy always.

This is how to make a perfect sheep jump.

"I'm a big, big heart in a big, big girl..."

"Talk to my white hand, please"

A perfect body is not enough...for gymnastics.

Curls are OUT..really out.

"See? I'm not just sexy"

"I'm so cool"

"Dad!! Help!! :))" Martha, you can not force love.

"My retirement is far, far away"

2 comentarii:

Anicia spunea...

- ha, ha, mie imi place leotardul lui Zamo, e sexy :))
- Chinese play with guns, but Komova invented them
- cine e cea cu un corp perfect? Unguroaica?
- Carlotta e foarte cool :D Ginnaste rulzzz

Cris spunea...

-costumul lui Zamo e prea sexy chiar:))
-Adela Sajn o cheama, e din Slovenia si mie imi place la nebunie corpul ei dar ca gimnasta nu are cine stie ce rezultate.